About Me

Hello there! So, I know what you’re wondering. What’s with the name “Critter Crafter”? Well, I’m both a crocheter and a knitter so I’m a “Critter”, and I also dabble in other crafts so I figured it fits. I know it sounds like a taxidermy site but I promise, the only animals I stuff are made of yarn. (Though the cat is skating on thin ice with her 4.30am wake up calls)
I live in Ireland, have a partner and kids so my crochet time is limited but I’ll do my best to add as much content as I can when I can. Please bear with me however, this is my first blog and I will honestly say I’m a bit lost!
Feel free to email me at with anything you think might be of interest to the crafting community and I’ll seriously consider posting it. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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(Cover Photo made from a Heidi Bears patternĀ you can get here.)